Facility Laundry Management

Facility laundry management is the new service of Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions, helping you to meet your requirements on linen washing.

Whatever the need of your laundry is, we can assist you with our experienced partners.

With our specialized and well-trained staff, our company offers its customers integrated solutions of facility laundry management, which are specially adapted to the space’s and customers’ needs.

What we offer
Assessment of your facilities and production growth potential either with the existing or new equipment
Installation of new equipment, where required, maintenance of existing equipment, dosing pumps systems and linen tracking solutions (RFID)
Suggestions for improving the way of linen washing and ironing
Identification of eventual problems and malfunctions of your facilities, ex.:
  • linen shabbiness
  • wrong way of equipment operation
  • wrong use of cleaning products and linen washing programmes
  • wrong way of linen ironing – drying, related to problems of the existing installation (ex. bad quality of steam-water

Complete solutions for the:
  • correct use of cleaning products
  • correct dosing based on each customer’s needs
  • correct pricing of laundry operation
  • resolution of mechanical problems or problems related to incorrect use of the laundry equipment

Are you interested in integrated solutions of facility laundry management, correct pricing of your laundry operation, as well as correct choice of the cleaning products you use?

Are you looking for full technical support of your equipment and installation of new dosing cleaning systems?

Contact us, for a complete facility laundry management and upgrade of your services results at the lowest cost!

Call us for a free phone quote or to schedule a free evaluation of your space.

We come to you without charge and we make you our best proposal without commitment.

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