Linen Laundry

Guarantee of a seamless collaboration, with responsibility and safety, always according to your needs. Checking our customer’s linen, so as to avoid losses and damage.

Certified with ISO 9001, Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions has modern privately owned facilities, fully steamed washing systems and dosing pumps for the correct dosing of detergents depending on the pollutants and the type of clothing of each customer, using exclusively products that are friendly to the environment and humans.

Collection of linen from your premises with our privately owned fleet of vehicles
Sorting of each customer’s linen at our facilities
Washing and disinfection of each customer’s linen with dosing washing systems and specially created washing programmes
Linen ironing, drying of towels, linen packaging
Linen delivery with our privately owned fleet of vehicles
Disinfection of our company’s facilities and vehicles

We guarantee an excellent collaboration, with responsibility and efficiency, on everything related to washing, hygienic disinfection and longevity of your clothing, always according to your needs.

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