Hospital - Dialysis Units

Healthcare, hospitals, nursing and dialysis facilities have high cleaning requirements, as it is necessary to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Having a high sense of sensitivity on this topic, our specialized and well-trained staff efficiently undertakes every demanding project of hospital linen laundry, biological cleaning for hospitals, medical clinics, dialysis units, while offering facility laundry management.

What we offer
Collection, washing, disinfection, ironing, packaging and delivery of your linen
On-site bio-cleaning at bed mattresses, sofas, armchairs, rugs, carpets
Removal of stains with ecological methods and biodegradable eco-friendly cleaning products
Disinfection of the facilities and removal of microbes, fungi, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms
Comprehensive anti-allergic protection
Guaranteed biological cleaning at special preferential prices
Management of laundry facilities that may be available at your facility

With the specialized biological cleaning services that we offer, you can rest assured that the environment for you, your nursing staff and your patients is healthy, clean and free of pathogens, mites, allergies, mold spores, lice, chemicals and bacteria.

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