• What is Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions?

    Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions is one of the most specialized companies at biological cleaning services of spaces and linen. Certified with ISO 9001, it focuses on:

    • Washing and ironing of linen and clothing, as well as at linen rental.
    • On-site biological cleaning of living rooms, mattresses, rugs, sofas, carpets at hotels, professional spaces, hospitals, elderly care units and yachts.
    • Facility laundry management.


  • What is biological cleaning?

    Biological cleaning is considered the most effective solution on items (mattress, sofa, armchair, carpet, vehicle/yacht) for the elimination of odors, the removal of stains and the full disinfection of our living place.

    Through bio-cleaning, we eliminate all microbes and pathogenic microorganisms, allergenic actions, dirt, dust, mites and their remains.

  • Why is biological cleaning recommended?

    Studies in the US have shown that air pollution in a home that is not properly cleaned can be 2 to 5 times higher (and sometimes even 100 times higher) than outdoor pollution levels.

    Furthermore, many items in our house, such as carpets, bed mattress, bathroom items, the living room sofa gather dirt, thus becoming a source of bacteria and microbes accretion dangerous to our health.

    This is the reason why biological cleaning is recommended for the removal of microbes and other pathogens foci.

  • When should a biological cleaning be done?

    Ideally, there should be 1 bio-cleaning at least once per year, if not once per semester.

  • How is the correct and full biological cleaning implemented?

    First of all, in order to achieve the correct and full biological cleaning of the hard-to-reach areas, especially the carpet and mattress, it is necessary, if possible, to remove almost everything from their surfaces, so that the products can be used on the entire surface without leaving points of accretion of bacteria, mites, microorganisms and other harmful substances.

  • Can I do the biological cleaning by myself?

    In order to be effective, biological cleaning should be done by a specialized crew that uses the proper equipment and products.

    Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions guarantees its biological cleaning results. The only thing you have to do is call us, so as to schedule an appointment and visit your place.


  • What products do you use?

    Since we are talking about biological cleaning, the cleaning of surfaces should be done with products that are biodegradable and not chemical cleaners. On each surface we use the appropriate cleaning product, in combination with the proper tools.

    All of our products are ecological and organic, 100% non-chemical, 100% biodegradable, certified in accordance with international hygiene and safety rules.

    We offer you a clean place and a healthy environment, with natural products that are safe for your home, for you, your family and your loyal four-legged companions.

  • Which products contain chemicals and what happens if we come into contact with these products?

    1 out of 3 professional cleaning products contain chemicals that are responsible for health problems in humans or causing problems in the environment in which we live or work.

    Studies have shown that toxic chemicals contained in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air.


  • Why choose Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions and not another company?

    Eco-Pro Cleaning Solutions always keeps up to date with the latest developments and scientific innovations in our field. Certified with ISO 9001, we update our equipment with modern machines, systems and methods, thus always being one step ahead of our competitors. Combining the highest quality, we get the best possible result at the best market prices.

  • How easy is it to arrange a visit or an appointment with you?

    The only thing you have to do is simply call us at our contact telephone number and ask for a free of charge offer.

    Alternatively, you fill-in your contact details and we call you back. We will make your place spotless at the time that better suits you!

Call us for a free phone quote or to schedule a free evaluation of your space.

We come to you without charge and we make you our best proposal without commitment.

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